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Tips for Avoiding Back Injury in the Gym The last thing you want when you go to the gym is an injury. Weight-training injuries are often caused by poor technique which can tear a muscle or connective tissue, damage a spinal disc, or contribute to a degenerative disorder. Weight trainers in particular are prone to

Pinched Nerve

How to Fix My Pinched Nerve Pinched nerves can be excruciating and they are one of the most common reasons people visit a chiropractor. A pinched nerve can limit your range of motion by making it painful to look over your shoulder or bend over and it can reduce your quality of life.

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Back pain is often chronic and it may range from mild to debilitating. Whether it’s from an acute injury, poor posture, work-related strain, or aging, lower back pain can reduce your quality of life and make even basic daily tasks difficult and painful. Many people who have no sign of spinal abnormalities on X-rays still