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Research has shown chiropractic care is more cost effective than most other forms of treatment for musculoskeletal complaints.

We accept most forms of major insurance. If you are unsure if your insurance is accepted, please give our office a call!

Chiropractic is an area of medicine focusing on musculoskeletal system and nervous system disorders, although this natural approach to medicine can also help with many issues that are unrelated to these areas. Chiropractic care can treat a variety of conditions such as back pain, migraine headaches, joint pain, limited range of motion, chronic pain, sports injuries, car accident injuries, and more. This type of care focuses on spinal adjustments to correct spinal misalignments. Spinal adjustments can correct spinal alignment to relieve painful pressure on nerves, ease symptoms of degenerative disc disorder and herniated discs, and more.

Chiropractic care generally focuses on neuromusculoskeletal disorders, but chiropractors can also ease pain and reduced mobility that are not exclusively related to issues with the nervous system or musculoskeletal system. A combination of chiropractic adjustments, massage, and physiotherapy can be effective in the treatment of conditions such as:
– Degenerative disc disease
– Herniated or slipped discs
– Car accident injuries
– Chronic pain (including back, neck, and shoulder pain)
– Migraine headaches
– Sciatica
– Sports injuries
– Pregnancy-related issues
– Chronic sinusitis
– Therapeutic support and pain management during cancer and other health conditions
– Pain relief from arthritis
– Issues related to limited range of motion

ChiroFit is a full-service chiropractic clinic. We offer a range of chiropractic services, including Lumbar Flexion Distraction, Instrument Assisted Mobilization Soft Tissue Therapy (IAMST), and spinal manipulation. We also offer several forms of massage therapy and exercise rehabilitation.

ChiroFit offers a range of therapeutic techniques. We offer four forms of massage therapy: Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, pregnancy massage, and sports massage. We also offer Myocardial release therapy, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization soft tissue therapy, and Lumbar Flexion Distraction. Your personalized treatment plan may include a combination of these therapies to help you relieve pain and achieve whole-body wellbeing.

Chiropractic care is a holistic form of treatment that can help people of all ages and activity levels. At ChiroFit, we treat everyone from professional athletes, weekend warriors, and fitness enthusiasts to children, seniors, pregnant women, and average people. We frequently work with people who have suffered work-related injuries such as lifting injuries to the back and repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome as well as people struggling to recover from traffic accidents.

At ChiroFit, our approach focuses on a personalized combination of chiropractic treatments, manual therapy, and exercise rehabilitation to speed healing, ease pain, and reduce the risk of further injury. Our holistic approach focuses on whole body health to help patients make a full recovery from injuries and chronic conditions.

Our treatments deal with movement in all systems of the body, including nerves, joints, ligaments, muscles, and bones, and how these systems work together. Our three forms of treatment include: chiropractic treatment to restore function and improve motion in the joints, manual therapy to improve motion and recruitment of muscles and ligaments, and exercise rehabilitation to strengthen weakened or inhibited muscles and relax tight or contracted muscles.

We make it a goal to educate our patients on techniques they can do on their own for improved health and function. We consider our office a team; we believe in arming our patients through education to become an important member on this team.

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