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The second key to human movement is FLEXIBILITY. According to the American Council on Exercise (ACE), flexibility is defined as “the range of motion of a given joint or group of joints or the level of tissue extensibility that a muscle group possesses.” That means that each joint and each group of muscles in your body

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The first of three keys to human movement we will be discussing is MOBILITY. The dictionary defines mobility as the ability to move or be moved freely and easily. At Chirofit we look at mobility in the body as movement in the joints. Improper motion in the joints can cause pain, stiffness, and tightness. Have


The Movement

  Chirofit, the leader in manual and chiropractic therapy in the San Fernando Valley is proud to introduce The Movement! I am calling this post and related posts The Movement because that is the basis of treatment at Chirofit Chatsworth. This blog more of an introduction into how we look at the body and how

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Tips for Avoiding Back Injury in the Gym The last thing you want when you go to the gym is an injury. Weight-training injuries are often caused by poor technique which can tear a muscle or connective tissue, damage a spinal disc, or contribute to a degenerative disorder. Weight trainers in particular are prone to

Pinched Nerve

How to Fix My Pinched Nerve Pinched nerves can be excruciating and they are one of the most common reasons people visit a chiropractor. A pinched nerve can limit your range of motion by making it painful to look over your shoulder or bend over and it can reduce your quality of life.

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Back pain is often chronic and it may range from mild to debilitating. Whether it’s from an acute injury, poor posture, work-related strain, or aging, lower back pain can reduce your quality of life and make even basic daily tasks difficult and painful. Many people who have no sign of spinal abnormalities on X-rays still

At Chirofit, in San Fernando Valley, Chatsworth, CA, we offer free, easy access to supplemental health and chiropractic information throughout your chiropractic care with us.

Dr. Young offers this supplemental education for free in the form of a blog with easy access via the Blog tab on our website. The Chirofit Blog offers posts that strengthen your understanding of your body and your chiropractic care. The blog includes relevant information about the human body, further information on chiropractic services, the latest chiropractic news, interesting health facts, advice from Dr. Young himself, and more.   

Here at Chirofit, we believe the best care comes from a great doctor-patient relationship. In pursuing this, there needs to be good communication and clear understanding between the doctor and the patient. In hopes to strengthen that, Dr. Young offers great professional guidance, education, and information during in-office visits. Furthermore, the online blog is an excellent place to visit for additional professional information from us here at Chirofit, Chatsworth, CA. We offer the blog as a complimentary service to help ensure you are making the best choices for yourself and your family. The blog is a way to help patients understand their body’s and what the chiropractic services they are receiving are doing for them. Understanding your body is key to achieving optimal health, which is what we strive for at Chirofit. The more you know about the human body and what you can do for it, the better decisions you will be able to make for yourself and your family regarding health and wellness.

Because there is consistent new health and wellness research and findings, we filter out what is important and relevant to our patients within the blog.  By tying together what is learned at your office visits with the blog information posted conveniently online with 24/7 access, our patients find that they feel remarkably comfortable with their knowledge of the chiropractic care they are receiving. Having advice posted throughout the blog posts from Dr. Young himself adds additional support to your overall health knowledge with your chiropractic services at Chirofit.