Nutritional Counseling

While nutrition may seem to have little to do with chiropractic care, chiropractors focus on whole-body wellbeing and balance between the systems of the body. Chiropractors receive special training in nutritional counseling and diet to help patients return to optimal health naturally and safely. At Chiropractic Fit, we will create a structured nutritional program that is designed to fit your specific needs and support your wellbeing.
Nearly 70% of all deaths in the United States are due to lifestyle choices, including food choices, tobacco use, and exercise habits. These lifestyle choices can lead to serious health consequences such as obesity and heart disease while undermining the delicate balance of the body. Making smart food choices can prevent and address health conditions, but attempting to change your diet on your own can be overwhelming.
Individual nutritional counseling can have a significant impact on your risk factors and health conditions while helping you live a healthier and more fulfilling life.

What is Nutritional Counseling?

Nutritional counseling is an ongoing process in which your typical diet is assessed to find areas where improvements can be made. Nutritional counseling involves providing you with information, education, support, and follow-up to help you make the most of a personalized dietary plan. The purpose of this counseling is not simply assessing your diet but also helping you make realistic dietary changes that you can follow that consider your unique lifestyle and health.

Nutritional counseling typically begins with an interview to discuss your current dietary habits. You may be asked to fill out a diet diary to track your food intake. This will be used as a baseline and to analyze your nutrient and energy intake. Your body weight or body mass index will also be measured to give a baseline and track your progress.

Identify Changes
Whether or not you already know which changes you need to make in your diet, you may need help actually making these changes. A nutrition counselor can educate you on the health effects of dietary choices, identify areas of your diet where change is appropriate, and prioritize which changes should be made first, and help you determine the best way to make this happen.

This can be a very gradual process as some people find it easier to make only one or two dietary changes during the first month before making more difficult changes over a course of months. Your nutritional counselor can help you identify barriers to changing your habits, such as inconvenience or food preferences, and problem solve solutions.

Creating Goals
Your nutritional counselor will help you set up goals that focus on the behavior necessary to achieve changes in your diet, such as reaching a certain body weight.

Benefits of Nutritional Counseling

Nutritional counseling can provide a host of benefits and help you change the life for the better. The following are some of the most important benefits to individual nutritional counseling.

Get Fit Faster
A trained nutritional counselor can recommend an effective fitness program and supplements to help you reach your fitness goals rather than testing out routines on your own. A nutritional counselor can help you select the right supplements your body will need to build muscle and shed fat and choose the best program for your goals, health, and current abilities.

Food that is Delicious and Good for You
Eating nutritious food doesn’t mean living off bland food for the rest of your life. Nutritional counseling can help you develop meal plans and snacks that are nutritious yet flavorful, including salmon, natural peanut butter, brown rice, eggs, whole grain pasta, and dozens of vegetables and fruits.

Address the Root of Your Health Concerns
A major goal of nutritional counseling is addressing the root cause of your health problems rather than the symptoms, the same way chiropractic care targets the root of pain rather than treating the symptom. After adapting to a personalized nutritional plan, you will be better able to control your weight and enjoy greater energy and health.

Manage Health Problems
Nutritional counseling can help you address and manage health problems while reducing your risk of developing disease. Nutritional counseling can have a major impact on many diseases and conditions, including hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes, and cholesterol. By bringing these conditions under control, your wellbeing will also improve. You may notice improved energy levels, reduced fatigue, less muscle stiffness and back pain, and a better mood.

Schedule an Appointment
Many people can benefit from nutritional counseling, including people who need help changing their diet habits, those who want to manage a medical condition, and even people who simply want inspiration to make healthy eating fun and enjoyable. If you are interesting in changing your lifestyle for the better and improving your wellbeing, schedule an appointment to learn more about how nutritional counseling can help you.